The Route
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The Route
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Samantha in her teenage years comes to reality after the sudden death of her father ,that without money life will be very difficult to deal with since she was removed from her school for not being able to pay her school fees in time. An attempt to convince her only mother to let her move out so as to pursue some work to earn that needed money failed. With ambition in her mind as any teenager in the world would posses. She left her middle class existence in pursuit of financial gain in the capital city of Uganda , Kampala. Giving up her home, family, all possessions leaving behind a letter to her mother informing her about her sudden escape to the city whilst giving confidence of a successful return. Homeless and hungry on the street of Kampala city, sleeping by a bus stop she is woken up by one a stranger (Sam) on the streets of Kampala. As they engage in conversation she gains confidence in the chap and follows him to meet a friend who might offer a job to her in the city. Having found Love in a City where life moved peacefully. THE ROUTE changed and Samantha was Shipped 14,000 miles away from home to South East Asia and that was the beginning of her journey into the brutal world of Sex Trafficking.. What unfolds is a tragic reality of the Modern Day Slavery…

THE ROUTE Accolades:

  •  Nominated for the Best Feature Film in Uganda’s Film Festival 2013..
  •  Nominated for best Feature Film at the Silicon Valley African Film Festival 2013..
  • Nominated for  best feature Film at the Manya Human Rights Film Festival 2013..
  • Winner best feature film at the Nile Diaspora International film festival 2013
  • Official Selection at the FESTICAB Burundi film festival 2014.
  • Nominated for best production in the Diaspora at Kalasha Awards 2014.
  • Official Selection at the Herat International Women’s Film Festival 2015.
  • Winner best feature film east africa at Mashariki International Film Festival 2015


  • Trailer:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rS2R9VhUby4
  • wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Route
  • http://www.waafrikaonline.com/2014/02/ugandan-film-route-directed-by-jayant.html
  • Tanzania bans Ugandan film ‘The Route’
  • http://eng.inyarwanda.com/articles/show/CultureNews/62660/The+inaugural+Mashariki+African+Film+Festival+unveils+its+official+selection
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  • Producer
    Jayant Maru/
  • Director
    Jayant Maru/
  • Editor
    John Baguio/
  • Cinematographer
    Eric Wamasebu/
  • Screenplay
    Jayant Maru/
image character
Sharon Detoro
image character
Thomas Kayondo
image character
Edlyn Sabrina
image character
Bwanika Felix
Mr. Nyobobo

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